About the (Not IRL) Pride Summit

This five-day community event is designed for everyone to experience joy and personal growth as we push for systemic change and fight for racial justice in the tech industry, our society, and beyond. Attendance is 100% free and virtual, we have an incredible line-up of leaders joining us to create a space for joy, learning, listening, and exploring how, as a community, we can drive dramatic cultural change and demand racial equality.

Contact Emails:

How do I RSVP?

*You can view the full video walkthrough here.

  1. Please head over here to RSVP if you haven’t already: bit.ly/PRIDERSVP
  2. Fill out your name, email, job title, company, city, and LinkedIn. If you do not have a LinkedIn, you can just put “linkedin.com.”
  1. Once you submit, you will be prompted to complete a second, optional form: bit.ly/PrideSummitPart2. You do not need to complete this to register for and view sessions. However, we ask that you do at some point to help you get the most out of the Summit.
  2. Check your email for “Pride Summit Agenda Full Access for further instructions.
  3. Note: On the agenda here, do not press login or register next to sessions. The only way to join us is to RSVP here.
How do I view the agenda?

Check out the agenda here: bit.ly/LWTPRIDEAGENDA. On our agenda tool, you will be able to choose your own adventure — a.k.a. create a personal schedule of sessions. Do not press login or register next to these sessions. To register for individual sessions, you must RSVP, and follow the instructions in the confirmation email. Once you log in the first time, the agenda will save your info, and you will not have to keep entering the agenda via your email. More below.

How do I fully interact with the agenda and register for individual sessions?
  1. First, RSVP here: bit.ly/PRIDERSVP
  2. Then, we will notify you and send you an email with a ✨magic link✨ and instructions to access the agenda and register for individual sessions. The subject line of this email is “Pride Summit Agenda Full Access ?” Check spam or your promotions folder if you don’t see it. 
  3. Click the button that says “Agenda Full Access.”
  4. Register for sessions by clicking “Save my Seat” next to the sessions. Do not click the stars — Stars (adding to your interests) are not registering for sessions.
  1. Click save. That’s it!
  1. Click “My Registered Sessions to view them.
Why does it say I have multiple tickets when I save my seat?

Feel free to use any of your RSVP tickets to “save your seat” (aka register). If you’ve RSVPed, you have unlimited access to all sessions, regardless of ticket numbers.

I’ve already RSVPed but I don’t see the magic link (Pride Summit Agenda Full Access) email. Can you help?

We recommend the following: Try RSVPing here with a different email or adding a +1 before the @ on your email (e.g. squad+1@lesbianswhotech.org). You will then see a new magic link email (Pride Summit Agenda Full Access). Remember to check spam or your promotions folder if you don’t see it immediately. If you use a “+1,” when you click the magic link in the email, you’ll see a pop-up that asks you if you want to “switch your email.” Choose “Yes, switch email.”

Thanks for your patience for any technical difficulties you might have. As a small team, we’re working to make this Summit a total success. That said, if you’ve emailed us, there might be a delay in solving individual RSVP issues.

Why am I being asked to login when I try to view “My Registered Sessions?”

If you have already RSVPed but cannot register for individual sessions, this means that you have not completed the steps in the email, which includes ✨magic link✨ and instructions to fully access the agenda. The subject line of this email is “Pride Summit Agenda Full Access ?”

If you haven’t RSVPed yet, please do so here to receive the magic link email. Do NOT click the Login or “Register to the event” buttons.

How do I view the sessions when they start?

All video links will be on the agenda. Tap the blue “Broadcast” button next to the session name to watch the session.
Note: Due to capacity limits, keynotes will be viewed via a livestream. The first 1,000 folks that register for breakout sessions, however, will be in Zoom webinar rooms, where they’ll have the opportunity to participate in Q&A.

Can I add sessions to my calendar?

Yes! After you’ve RSVPed and you’re on the agenda, click the session name. It will open a right-hand sidebar that looks like the below. Click “Add to cal.”

Can I filter for sessions?

Yes! You can filter by date, speaker, type of session, keywords, and more. Use the top filters to do so.

Are there captions?

We’ll be live streaming the (Not IRL) Pride Summit on Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. Facebook’s live stream will have live captions. If you have any other accessibility requests or needs, please email squad@lesbianswhotech.org, and we’ll work with you to ensure you can access the Pride Summit.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us at squad@lesbianswhotech.org.