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A curated, inclusive network of the most badass leaders

SQUAD champions the badass executive.

We connect, support, and launch LGTBQ+ women, nonbinary folks and allies into executive leadership positions – moving the needle on diverse leadership.

SQUAD is the only leadership network designed specifically for the LGBTQ+ community to increase their influence, cultivate meaningful conversations, broaden business relationships, sharpen their executive toolkit.

Leveraging community is critical to growing your career.

How it works

SQUAD is made up of (2) inaugural cohorts:


A cohort of mid-senior level talent
(Early 2023)

SQUAD Executive

A cohort of VP-level talent and beyond (Applications are now open!)
As a member of one of the inaugural SQUAD cohorts, you’ll receive : :
  • Monthly peer coaching sessions designed specifically for each unique cohort
  • Quarterly training sessions with experts from our own SQUAD
  • Strong, genuine connections with seasoned, badass leaders who can advocate for you… even when you’re not in the room
  • Invitations to private networking experiences in San Francisco & NYC

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For Companies

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You can support your leaders’ professional development and help retain your top talent.
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this is not just about building community

Members will form 10 strong, high-value relationships with other Senior Leaders who will be key advocates in their careers.

And they will build 50 high-level relationships along the way.

They will deepen their understanding and expert knowledge around 10 key topics that are critical in the next level of their career.