Yao is an Investor and tech veteran with two decades of experience in technology, partnerships, and investing. She has founded companies, helped corporations launch new innovation initiatives. She is an active investor and on the board of Carbon Optimum, a carbon removal company removing carbon dioxide from major industries such as coal, cement, steel, land fills, hydrogen plants and circularly producing biomass for carbon negative fuel, fertilizer, and food. She has a particular passion for scalable, executable climate solutions to save the planet as well as helping entrepreneurs, women, and social causes with projects in place to build global communities..
Yao was named by Forbes as one of eleven women at the center of New York’s digital scene, by Beta Beat as one of 25 Women Driving New York’s Tech Scene, and TechWeek’s 100 most influential people in tech. She was part of the U.S. State Department Global Entrepreneurship Program Delegations in bringing entrepreneurship and initiatives to strategic countries.

Summits Attended: 2024 Pride

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