Co-Founder & Sr. Transformation Executive
Pilot Wave Holdings Management LLC

As the SVP of Analytics, Cloud, and Strategy for Booz Allen Hamilton, Ms. Ugrinsky is actively involved in serving our commercial clients with the best resources in Data Science and Cloud, enhanced with Strategy. Her personal specialty is enabling our clients to extract and exploit all the value they can from their technology investments as part of their strategy execution, while keeping an eye on the vendor roadmaps to avoid future rework and ensure sound growth long term.

With the disruption in today’s technology landscape, she brings the full experience and advisory capability of Booz Allen Hamilton to the table for clients who are evaluating how to begin the journey into data science and integrating those with traditional EPM/ERP/BI to drive value for their organizations, regardless of whether it’s on premise, cloud, or as a managed service.

Motto – EPM alone is no longer sufficient for competitive advantage – it now needs to include connectivity to both source systems and expansion of advanced analytics like predictive modeling, deep learning, and machine learning. Clients are quickly wanting to operationalize those emerging capabilities and insights as augmentation to existing platforms, which increasingly, consist of hybrid Cloud/SaaS/On Premise environments, and the associated security/risk management and organizational change that requires.

Summits Attended: 2016 NY, 2017 NY, 2017 SF

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