Susanne is a product manager at athenahealth. Currently working on the financial product, she has been the Product Owner of Hospital Stays, Therapies, and Charting, and helped launch the Hospital product. She was previously a project manager at Epic (the EMR, not the gaming company), where she worked on the fastest implementation in company history, led a cross-functional project to improve patient throughput, and brought usability testing into the development lifecycle.

She has a passion for realigning healthcare incentives to best serve patients. Her proudest accomplishment is improving athena’s software to comprehensively support transgender care, making it easier for clinicians to call a patient by the name and pronouns they identify with while still following quality metrics for their body.

Susanne has a BS in Urban & Regional Studies from Cornell University’s School of Architecture and has traveled to over 40 of the 50 states. Ask her about the time she found a vegan restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska.

Summits Attended: 2015 SF, 2017 NY

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