Surupa Mukherjea is head of Strategy and Transformation Leader. Her team is responsible for providing a holistic view of the CTO strategic environment. This includes target operating models, strategic measures, six quarter roadmaps, and execution of the CTO net promoter score to evaluate the effectiveness of CTO products. Surupa is the Transformation Leader of the CTO portfolio, partnering very closely with Enterprise Architecture and focusing on the internal CTO adoption of agile, cloud, and modern architectural practices. She is also the Chief of Staff to Enterprise Architecture.

Previously, Surupa was the Enterprise Architecture leader for Strategy & Business Services, driving the execution and operational focus of EA to achieve its’ strategic charter. She managed the architectural book of work, integrated strategic planning with EA partners, and supported transformational change to realize target state metrics for Wells Fargo.

Surupa began her career at Accenture and has spent extensive time in financial transformation supporting accounting subledger redesign for the mark-to-market evaluation of mortgage backed securities at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. She joined Wells Fargo in 2008 in the Home Mortgage Business team consulting and moved to Call Center Technologies to support strategic planning during the Wells Fargo/Wachovia Merger. She has been in the Technology organization since 2013.

Surupa holds a Business degree focusing in Analytical Finance from Wake Forest University and a masters’ degree from George Mason University

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