Sophy Lee


Sophy Lee is the CTO at HopSkipDrive, the safe and reliable rideshare solution for families. The company was born out of the real frustration of its co-founders who, as busy, safety-obsessed parents themselves, struggled to get their children to all of their activities.

Prior to HopSkipDrive, Sophy was VP of Engineering at Shuddle, a company in the same industry based in San Francisco. In 2016, Shuddle’s technology was acquired by HopSkipDrive and Sophy moved to LA to run the engineering team. At Shuddle, she was a core contributor to the product and built the company’s engineering and data science team. Prior to Shuddle, Sophy worked as a web developer for small businesses and nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area, and before that founded two startups in online labor markets and online education. During college, she was VP of Operations at DemiDec, a test prep company.

Sophy has a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University. She is an avid endurance athlete and has raced at over 100 events around the world, including two USA Cycling National Championships and the 2015 Ironman World Championship.