Shreya Anand is a seasoned Cyber Security Professional with over 17 years of dedicated experience in all aspects of Security, Engineering, and Operations. She has earned a reputation as a results-oriented leader with a steadfast commitment to protecting the digital world. Her track record includes various roles in threat modeling, risk evaluation and mitigation, enterprise tool operations, and the implementation of cutting-edge security solutions across the Enterprise. Shreya is deeply passionate about mentoring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, particularly focusing on women and youth and actively works to bridge the gender gap in Cybersecurity. Shreya’s leadership style is characterized by a strategic mindset and thrives in challenging environments to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. Outside work, Shreya finds immense fulfillment in spending quality time with her husband, 2 kids and her dog.

Diverse representation is a priority for us. We're proud to say that our Summit speakers are 80% queer women, 50% women of color, 25% Black & Latinx, and 15% transgender and gender nonconforming.