Technical Operations Manager

I’m a single parent of two amazing kids. When I gave birth to my baby girl, we needed money, since a big part of my maternity allowance went to paying off debt. I immediately had to find a source of income. I began cleaning night shifts at WalkMe, and became very close with the US sales team. One day the sales manager told me about an open QA position in Tel Aviv and asked me if I’m good with computers. I responded that I’m good at everything I do – I am a fast learner. He told the hiring managers, “there’s a great woman, her name is Shoshi, she’s the cleaning lady, and she would be great for this position!” They were shocked.

I studied hard and impressed them, passing all of the interview rounds. That was 3 years ago. Now, as the team lead, what I love about working for this company is that I still get to constantly learn by doing. But I am not here just because of luck: I go for every opportunity given to me. I get this quality from my mom, who was an Olah Chadesha from Ethiopia. She suffered many hardships and battled prejudice, but she would always keep studying. What I take from her is that you don’t always need a formal education to continue learning and succeeding, and you must never quit – always keep giving and trying.

– Shoshi Jambar,
Mobile Operations Manager & QA Team Leader

Summits Attended: 2018 Tel Aviv

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