Head of AI Product & Research

Shelby is a seasoned AI Product Leader, and has consistently championed innovation and delivered exceptional results for companies such as Amazon, Nordstrom and Telesign. With over 15+ years of expertise, Shelby’s passion for cutting-edge products and adeptness in guiding high-performing teams has led to the successful launch of numerous pioneering products.
Shelby thrives in dynamic landscapes, adapting seamlessly to emerging trends and technologies. She steers cross-functional teams towards strategic objectives, augmenting product portfolios and exceeding revenue targets. With experience overseeing initiatives as substantial as $20.5 billion, Shelby is dedicated to fostering excellence in product management and driving organizational success.
Shelby’s leadership is defined by clarity, unwavering priority setting, and empowerment. She empowers teams to reach their full potential, making her an invaluable asset in achieving product management excellence. With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication, Shelby continues to contribute significantly to the technology industry.

Summits Attended: 2023 Pride, 2023 SF

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