Rox Etheridge

Rox Etheridge

Senior Director, Project Management
Accion, The US Network twitterlinked in

Rox is a compassionate, edgy, quasi-professional with a project/change and operations management tilt. Formed by an eclectic background which combines delivery of both quality durable and digital products, Rox is best known for helping organizations reach broad strategic goals by infusing best of- people, technology and humor.

A few of Rox’s mandates include, the “15 min meeting”, it’s all about “scope burning” and the “I can do this, anywhere!”. Rox encourages unconventional practices that produce results.

Understanding the minutiae, putting it to plan and executing with a talented team drives Rox. Deploying new technologies with humane value in a non threatening way is what brings joy. Allowing people to be their best selves while making something from nothing is an amazing journey and Rox thrives in its creative ether. Learn more @

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