Representative Ro Khanna is a leading progressive voice in the House working to democratize the digital economy, bring advanced manufacturing jobs to factory towns, and advance U.S. leadership on climate, human rights, and diplomacy around the world.

Khanna proudly represents California’s 17th Congressional District, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, and is serving in his third term. He sits on the House Agriculture, Armed Services, and Oversight and Reform committees, where he chairs the Environmental Subcommittee. Khanna is also the Deputy Whip of the Congressional Progressive Caucus; serves as an Assistant Whip for the Democratic Caucus and is the Democratic Vice Chair of the House Caucus on India and Indian Americans.

He has worked across the aisle to deliver on legislation to invest in science and technology, create millions of good-paying tech jobs and revitalize American manufacturing and production. Khanna authored the Endless Frontier Act, which formed the basis for the sweeping CHIPS and Science Act signed into law by President Biden.

As Chair of the House Oversight and Reform Environmental Subcommittee, Khanna brought the CEOs of six major fossil fuel companies before Congress to testify under oath about climate disinformation for the first time in history.

Khanna was born in Philadelphia, PA, during America’s bicentennial, to a middle-class family. Both of his parents immigrated to the United States in the 1970s from India in search of opportunity and a better life for their children. His father is a chemical engineer and his mother is a substitute school teacher. Rep. Khanna’s commitment to public service was inspired by his grandfather who was active in Gandhi’s independence movement, worked with Lala Lajpat Rai in India, and spent several years in jail for promoting human rights.

Prior to serving in Congress, he taught economics at Stanford University and served as deputy assistant secretary of commerce in the Obama administration. He has written two books: Entrepreneurial Nation: Why Manufacturing is Still Key to America’s Future and Dignity in a Digital Age.

Khanna graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago and received a law degree from Yale University. As a student at the University of Chicago, he walked precincts during Barack Obama’s first campaign for the Illinois Senate in 1996.

In his free time, Khanna enjoys cheering for the Golden State Warriors, watching movies, and traveling. He calls Fremont home, and he and his wife Ritu have two young children

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