Rhys Fureigh

Rhys Fureigh

Innovation Specialist

Rhys Fureigh (@fureigh)  is a tender genderqueer who believes that technology should be kind to humans and so should the state. Their current pet project is Change My Record, a tool that dramatically simplifies the process of removing old felonies from Californians’ criminal records in the wake of Proposition 47, turning more than 58 forms and bureaucratic processes into one easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online tool.

Fureigh was a 2014 Code for America fellow and currently works at 18F. Other recent work has included reducing repeat 911 calls in Long Beach, Calif. with AddressIQ, contributing to Detroit Water Project, and prototyping an app that surfaces social service resources without the applicant needing to already know what’s available. Fureigh started the Drupal Ladder skill-building meetups in New York and has spoken at conferences ranging from Creating Change to Open Source Bridge.

A Reed College graduate with a focus on social movements, Fureigh likes strong coffee, playing guitar in rock bands, and terrible puns. Consider yourself warned. Say hey on Twitter at @fureigh.


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