Renee Chu

Aerospace Engineer

Renee is an aerospace structural engineer working on the airframe of Facebook’s Aquila UAV program. The UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, hopes to one day deliver internet to the parts of the world that don’t have it yet. She believes that giving people access to the internet will help them get to a better quality of life. She does a bit of math and runs simulations coded in FORTRAN to pay the bills (she sadly can’t code). The simulations generate rainbow contour plots – visually they kind of look like the pride flag. Prior to making rainbow plots of airplanes she designed enclosures for server hardware in all of Facebook’s data centers. She’s also had stints of analysis work on buildings and bridges as well as lightweight materials for automotive crashworthiness applications. If not at work you can usually find Renee at the gym or a hipster coffee shop. She throws dinner parties with friends and gets them to sing while she accompanies them on the piano. Renee lives in San Francisco with her three succulents, Trevor, Toby, and Evelyn as well as her beloved Pomeranian stuffed animal, Biggs.