Rebecca Abara

Senior Technical Project Manager, Agile Coach
Etsy, Inc.

Rebecca comes with leadership experience across multiple industries and organizations, from her own not-for-profit startup to enterprise giant Procter & Gamble. Rebecca is a Senior Technical Project Manager and Agile Coach for Systems Engineering at Etsy. She actively works with leadership and individual contributors to coach them on their work processes and upskill their agile practices, enabling them to perform more healthily and productively. In this role, she is also responsible for the lifecycle of program-level initiatives across the organization. In her role at ThoughtWorks, Rebecca executed her work with a sharp eye for high-level strategic project planning and lean execution. She is passionate about watching ideas transform into reality, and works to ensure every member of her team owns – and champions – the process to get there. She brings her passion for healthy workplaces into every team she runs, and leverages her background in peer mediation to move projects to success.

She serves as an organizer and advocate for a number of marginalized groups, with her passion rooted in mental health and wellness. Rebecca believes a company is most successful when its employees are at their best both physically and mentally, and founded ‘Honey, You Got This!’, a wellness in the workplace initiative, with the goal of making that health more of a priority. Her free time is spent reading dope femme authors, training for her first half-marathon, tumblring, and exploring cafes around her NYC neighborhood.