Engineering Manager, Robotics, AI / ML, Perception, Tracking

Rachel received three degrees from MIT in Materials Science (S.B., PhD) and Earth Sciences (S.B.). She then talked her way into a Miller Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Berkeley in Applied Math. However, when it came time to find a professorship, she was struck by the sudden realization that academia made her sad, so she wandered over the Bay Bridge to find new meaning and joy in her professional life. Rachel was then mistakenly hired by Cruise as a software engineer, where she frantically faked competence until she came to possess the extremely cool title of Engineering Manager II, AI / Robotics. She is now enjoying her role, with a precious hoard of new skills and interests, and gratitude to everyone who helped her figure the whole thing out so far. As for the rest, to be continued…

Summits Attended: 2022 SF

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