Nisha Iyer is currently the VP of Engineering and Data Science at a mid-sized edTech startup – Data Society. She leads and has grown her team from one other data scientist to the current team, consisting of 6 Engineers, 13 Data Scientists, and 2 UX/UI Designers. Nisha is passionate about building production-grade AI applications to innovate and optimize business processes that take organizations to the next level. She has matured the company’s technical side, scaling the data science training methods and revolutionizing how data science and engineering education is taught by working on and building products that focus on scaling AI. In the past, Nisha has worked in large companies but has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. So building a business with the founders was an easy fit. Outside of work, she is a dog mom to two amazing pups – a corgi and a golden retriever – and is so lucky to be getting married to her fiancee – Allison – next August. They love spending time with their pups, cycling, traveling, and sampling new foods together.

Summits Attended: 2021 Debug

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