Nadejda Petrova currently works as Head of Partnerships at Scios AI, a decision intelligence company which uses AI-powered software to enable businesses to execute strategic initiatives. She spearheads the firm’s Business Development, Strategy and brand-related initiatives and coordinates the software’s deployment with clients. She started her career at Morgan Stanley in London, when she joined the investment bank as an Equities Sales Trader in 2018. She left her role to join Scios and has been furthering the scale-up’s platform since 2022. Her flagship projects include her work with the European Commission on Bulgaria’s Eurozone accession, as well as work on existing enterprises’ needs for AI-powered solutions. Nadejda is also a recipient of the Adam Smith Award of Excellence for outstanding academic achievement from the economist’s alma mater, The University of Glasgow. From September 2024, she will be pursuing an Executive MBA at The University of Cambridge, whilst continuing to further Scios AI’s client base and public initiatives.

Summits Attended: 2024 Pride

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