Mikayla Graham is an Organizational Psychologist with over 15 years of experience in designing and executing innovative strategies supporting business growth, performance management, people development, culture building, and client service excellence.

She is a Director at PwC and the Innovation Leader for PwC’s Acceleration Centers . As PwC is establishing a global talent footprint and a unique combination of people, competencies and technologies through the Acceleration Centers, Mikayla is powering the talent strategy and innovation strategies by building a culture of digital upskilling and tech-enabled innovation. At PwC, she has established two virtual, metaverse-driven, interactive campuses that transform learning, promote adoption of a digital mindset, and accelerates innovation.

She designed a transformational digital upskilling strategy for the Acceleration Centers that helps elevate the skills, learning experience, operational efficiency and client service delivery capabilities for a rapidly evolving workforce of over 30,000 people spread across geographies. She led the design and launch of the Women in Technology program in Acceleration Centers across different nationalities and cultures to help women professionals innovate and create solutions; realize their full potential; break barriers; and reach the highest levels of leadership.

Mikayla is the winner of 2019 Brandon Hall Gold Award for Excellence in Learning: Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning. She holds a Master of Arts in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, New York.

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