Megan is a Biomechanist & Human Movement Scientist in The Capture Lab at Electronic Arts.

She has 15 years of experience as a clinical and research Biomechanist specializing in pathological gait and having researched everything from the mechanics of long distance running to the gait of boys with ADHD. Megan has worked in, and managed, clinical and research labs in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

She arrived at EA with the intent of integrating technologies used in clinical research in one of the largest motion capture facilities in the video game industry. She takes pride in creating unique research protocols for a variety of data collection testing requirements and has relished in the challenges of improving motion capture animation quality in a high-paced, production-focused environment.

Megan is active with the Pride ERG at EA, where she partners with people from all levels of the organization to advocate for a more inclusive workplace that everyone can bring their whole self to every day.

When she isn’t focused on human movement, Megan can be found baking up a storm, talking zombies, or trying to keep up with everyone in her cross-fit class.

Summits Attended: 2019 SF

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