Articling Student
McCarthy T├ętrault

Meg is a former Senior Business Development Rep and Customer Success Manager at CrowdRiff, a Toronto-based travel marketing startup.

A proud founding team member of Venture Out: Canada’s first-ever LGBTQA+ tech and entrepreneurship conference, and current Venture for Canada Fellow, Meg has been thinking about diversity, inclusion, oppression and power and how games and play might be able to help.

A recent transplant to Montreal from Toronto, Meg is currently enrolled in an intensive French language program at McGill Univserity.

Meg identifies as trans/non-binary, so she/her/they/them/he/him works just fine.

Please ask me about: my laze-about Greyhound Elio, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the feels/tips you might have in coming out a second time.

Summits Attended: 2018 Montreal

Diverse representation is a priority for us. We're proud to say that our Summit speakers are 80% queer women, 50% women of color, 25% Black & Latinx, and 15% transgender and gender nonconforming.