Maureen Erokwu

Maureen Erokwu

Founder: MapMersion
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Maureen Erokwu (@ChineloME) is an industry expert with several years of business strategic and marketing experience. She is the Founder and CEO of MapMersion New York’s leading Google Business View provider. Listed as Inc’s “9 Awesome Women Black Tech Founders To Watch”, She has helped numerous brands like Ralph Lauren, Mercedes, and ABC bolster their marketing objectives, and increase customer engagement.

Selected by Google in 2011 to join their business mapping initiative, Maureen was first in New York to achieve top merit for her stellar performance in the expansion of the program. Her passion for photo­-technology has allowed her to find entrepreneurial success despite the male­ dominated landscape of the industry.

Maureen has received note-worthy mentions from Pando Daily, Alley Watch, Madame Noire, and People Magazine. She is a notable 2014′ Focus Fellow, a proud advisor for Lesbians Who Tech, and is most fulfilled when helping other women find their personal leadership. You can find her on twitter encouraging women to be unafraid to enter the technology field. @chinelome

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