Mary Bellard

Mary Bellard

Accessibility Learning and Development Consultant

Mary Bellard, CPACC, is the Accessibility Learning and Development Consultant at Microsoft. There, she strategizes the overall accessibility training curriculum for employees and external partners to drive progress in usable experiences for everyone. Mary played a key role in developing the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk when she joined the company in 2014 and has worked as an advocate for the disability community for more than 8 years.

Mary co-leads the Materials Task Force for Teach Access, which is working to include accessibility and universal design principles in the curricula of computer scientists, designers and researchers. She recently joined the certification committee for the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, whose objective is to help those working in accessibility develop and advance their careers.

Mary is originally from Brooklyn, NY and loves running with her dog. She is motivated by the exciting opportunities a career in the accessibility field has afforded her to help technology reach more people.

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