Marita Espada is currently a technical support manager for the Americas at Webflow, where she mentors and coaches individuals throughout their careers. She has been in the tech industry for over nine years, leading cybersecurity and technical support teams. In her last role at Fastly, she grew the team from two members Pre-IPO to six members post IPO. She built the foundation for all their current cybersecurity offerings on the support side. As a mindfulness coach, she has trained with world-class leaders like Joseph Goldstein and Kamala Masters, among others. She is also a mental health advocate, meditation coach, the host of The Turning Point Podcast, and the author of the upcoming book “A Renegade‚Äôs Journey to Stillness”. Marita and her wife live in New Jersey with their cockapoo Riley.

Summits Attended: 2021 Debug

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