A decade as an impact entrepreneur: helping governments and leading companies understand, communicate, regulate, and deploy complex technologies globally. Leading corporate diplomacy, public-private initiatives, grassroots campaigning and public advocacy impact in the transatlantic area. In 2020, she founded Mission-Oriented, a public affairs and strategic communications consultancy focused on deploying quantum, space, and cognitive technologies sustainably. Since 2023, founder and CEO of Future Literacy, promoting self, present and future literacy for individuals, companies and government entities. On the side, pioneer of global public-private dialogue processes between the industry, governments and citizens for organizations such as the OECD, the United Nations, New York University, Yale University. María leads strategy for global public interest technological initiatives, such as the Organization for an Interplanetary Connectivity Network (IPNSIG). On the Advisory Board of WStartupC, the Information Professionals Association (IPA), and a member of IRPA and Women in AI.

Summits Attended: 2024 Pride

Diverse representation is a priority for us. We're proud to say that our Summit speakers are 80% queer women, 50% women of color, 25% Black & Latinx, and 15% transgender and gender nonconforming.