Mackenzie Thomas drives product and marketing inclusion for Google’s consumer apps team, including some of Google’s most strategic and loved products like Search, Maps, & Photos. She’s a relentless advocate of the user, ensuring that Google’s products work for underserved communities and that people see positive portrayals of themselves in the stories Google tells. Her 9 years at Google are marked by relentless advocacy for marginalized communities in the development of core products and company-wide initiatives, currently focusing on economic opportunity, gender equity, and machine learning fairness. In 2020, she launched Google’s gender equity in sport initiative, working with the WNBA, NWSL, ESPN, Players Associations, and media organizations to ensure Google’s partnerships, marketing & products are contributing to a more representative sports landscape. Previously, Mackenzie led efforts to build innovative public-private partnerships that help millions of Americans return to the civilian workforce, register to vote, and get aid after natural disasters.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Mackenzie mobilizes Americans from underrepresented communities to fight systemic inequities. Working hand-in-hand with elected officials, chambers of commerce, and local nonprofits, her efforts drove inclusive housing and education policies and accelerated minority-owned small business growth around the world.

Mackenzie graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Economics. In 2016, Mackenzie founded UNC’s LGBTQ+ Alumni Network, consisting of 1300+ members, to drive advocacy and visibility for the queer community. She has served on the boards of UNC’s Shuford Entrepreneurship Program, Center for Social Justice, and Young Alumni Network, and on the Corporate Advisory for the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Mackenzie was named a 2020 ADCOLOR in Tech finalist for her commitment to challenging the status quo in the tech, media, and creative industries. Mackenzie lives in Washington, D.C. and is a frequent host of queer dinner parties, phonebanks, and knock-out basketball tournaments.

Summits Attended: 2022 Pride

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