MacKenzie Smith Durnovich

MacKenzie Smith Durnovich

Global Information Security – Enterprise Remediation
Bank of America

MacKenzie Smith Durnovich is a Technology Executive in Global Information Security (“GIS”) and is in charge of the GIS Enterprise Remediation team. Her team oversees the remediation of internal and external vulnerabilities and compliance findings, inclusive of escalation governance and enforcement.

MacKenzie first joined the bank in June 2010 in the Global Sourcing Management Associate Program (MAP) in Charlotte, NC. During this two year rotational program, MacKenzie supported business enablement and operations on the Global SCM Business Enablement team and strategic sourcing experience on the Global Corporate Workplace Real Estate Services/Project Management Sourcing team. Upon graduating from the Program, MacKenzie then joined the CFO Internal Control Function team and was responsible for the design, implementation, and execution of the end-to-end Vendor Management Assessment program. She then joined the centralized control function, Third Party Administration, owning the relationship with control functions, such as GIS, to ensure appropriate Third Party compliance. This led to the current position she holds today.

MacKenzie is an Arizona State University alumnus, where she earned her degree in Supply Chain Management and Political Science.

MacKenzie currently resides in Charlotte, NC, with her husband John Michael Durnovich, and dog Buckley.

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