Mobile Release Manager

Lukas Blakk is a Mobile Release Engineer who has been driving weekly mobile client app releases at Snapchat for over 3 years. She has 10+ cumulative years of experience at the shipping end of several top-tier software companies as she was previously responsible for shipping Pinterest on a weekly basis and before that, the Firefox (Mozilla) browser to both desktop computers and mobile devices. Speed, helping developers get their code into customer’s hands, and removing chances for human error are her top three priorities.

Before pivoting into technology Lukas had many other working experiences that have brought quite a mix of skills to her current job, among them being a nanny, a brunch chef and kitchen manager, she also spent years making independent films & videos.

Lukas enjoys several hobbies but especially knitting, playing Euchre, and hiking.

Summits Attended: 2018 SF, 2019 SF, 2020 Debug, 2023 Pride

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