Lucy Zhao

Lucy Zhao

Director of Product Marketing
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Lucy Zhao is the Director of Product Marketing at CodeSignal, the leading standard in objective automated skills-based assessments for technical employers. CodeSignal’s Advanced Machine Learning Algorithm has analyzed terabytes of skill assessment data to develop the Coding ScoreTM, a predictor of a developer’s coding, problem-solving, and technical interview performance. With over 1 million developers already using CodeSignal, it is the new standard for technical assessment and gives equal opportunity to all developers.

With over 10 years of marketing experience, Lucy is focused on launching customer-focused products and delivering meaningful user experiences. She is also the host of the popular Meet the Founders Podcast, where she interviews founders of top startups around the world and highlights stories of the challenges of early stage startups. Lucy is also one of the earliest employees of Plivo, an MIT alumni, a Tsinghua University alumni, a HCI practitioner, designer, UX aficionado, and part-time furniture maker.


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