Lisa Lee

Diversity Program Manager

Ideas are a dime a dozen if you can’t make them happen. I believe in big ideas, and I am “crazy” enough (thank you Steve Jobs) to believe that they can be reality. I ask us for a collective vision, and I connect the steps that will get us there. There are others like myself who work tirelessly to create a better future, but I lead with creativity, boldness, and always, always with curiosity.

Today, I lead Diversity, Inclusion, and Community (CSR) at Squarespace, a platform that empowers millions of people — from individuals and local artists to entrepreneurs shaping the world’s most iconic businesses — to share their work with the world. That mission starts from within, and I am incredibly privileged to guide that mission.

I’m a self-proclaimed diversity geek who spends 90% of her time thinking about how to use tech as a vehicle to drive equality. I’m a frequent contributor to topics related to diversity in tech and I’ve been featured at SXSW, presented at General Assembly, and interviewed on NPR.

Passionate about uplifting the Asian American community, I cofounded positive body image site and serve on the board of Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. Connect with me here, and you can follow me on Twitter at @rrrlisarrr.