Linda Maepa

Executive Director
Reboot Safety

Ms. Maepa brings over two decades of information systems, cybersecurity, and systems science experience to the energy sector where she focuses on renewable energy and energy storage private equity. She is an active advisor to academia, government, and industry worldwide on energy sector risks, finance, technology, and economic development. From the perspective of economic development, Ms. Maepa’s decades of business and non-profit board experience have become her newest venture, Reboot Safety, which uses hackathons to support tech-focused entrepreneurial development and develop local innovation ecosystems that foster safe, prosperous communities in the wake of tragic fatal interactions between the police and communities of color.

Ms. Maepa is a graduate of the California Institute of Technology and where she serves on the Chair’s Advisory Council for the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences. She writes about energy storage and project finance at and about diversity, inclusion, and Reboot Safety on Medium.