Director, Partnerships

Lauren Weymouth leads Ripple’s partnerships program, University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), that funds financial technology curriculum development, research, technical projects, entrepreneurship and student activities. Since the program’s inception, she has activated more than 40 global university partnerships such that 120+ research projects have been engaged to tackle real-world issues in blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptography and digital assets. She also hosts Ripple’s podcast, All About Blockchain, where you can learn more about these projects.

A business development enthusiast, Lauren bounds out of bed in the morning to strategize and manage key relationships that add value to companies. Before joining Ripple, Lauren held leadership roles in education, private equity and at tech startups, pioneering ventures that grew record-setting profits.

Lauren is an avid athlete, NCAA national tennis champion and competitive USA triathlete. She met her entrepreneur wife on Aidsride 2012, riding up to her on a bike. You can find them cycling the hills of Marin on the weekends. They live in San Francisco with their son, Francis.

Summits Attended: 2020 Debug

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