LaShana Lewis

Software Engineer

LaShana Lewis is a Systems-turned-Software Engineer for Mastercard. She found her job at Mastercard through its partnership with LaunchCode, an organization that pairs people aiming to work in technology with top-level employers. At Mastercard, she has held positions in the Windows Server Technical Services team as an Engineering Apprentice, Associate Engineer, and Professional Engineer before moving to the Business Operations team (Dual Message Authorization) as a Software Engineer due to her background in C++ coding. LaShana is a role model for diversity in the technology community, and has met with President Barack Obama as part of the nationwide TechHire Initiative to encourage employers to hire and train people with non-traditional tech backgrounds. She also volunteers at the planetarium in the St. Louis Science Center on the weekends, is a lover of Science Fiction (Star Trek: The Next Generation, specifically), an avid vanilla soy latte-drinker, partnered with her girlfriend of over 8 years, and *tries* to be a loving parent to their 8 year old Netherland Dwarf-English Spot mix, house rabbit, Pachi.