Kris Wiig

Kris Wiig

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Born and raised in NYC but I split my time between NY and SF for many years. Former DI Basketball player – Brown University.
Volunteer Youth Basketball coach for ages 5-18 since 1997.

Every company needs someone to make a product and also someone to sell it.
I have worked in every phase in the life cycle of a Company: Pre Product Discovery, Product-Market Fit, Pre Scale Momentum and Growth.
Being a fantastic sales leader and a sales coach has allowed me to work with numerous startups and mature companies in a wide variety of industries. My resume includes Bloomberg LP, General Assembly, Moody’s Inc, SamaSource, Positive Coaching Alliance and StellaService

I’ve got a lot of B2B SaaS experience and have sold services and B2C products as well. Sales has allowed me to collaborate with every level and function from the janitor to the C-suite at Fortune 500s, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Real Estate firms, Foundations, NGOs and governments around the world. I’ve worked in Telecommunications, FinTech, Big Data, Research, Real Estate, Mechanical Engineering, Property Management, Corporate Communications, Customer Support, Trucking, Digital Media, PR, Learning & Development, Online Education, Impact Sourcing, E-Commerce and Gaming.

It’s been incredible to observe patterns and themes emerge – While every startup is unique and has it’s own individual fluid path, there are many things to be aware of and plan for. Sales and revenue do grow in very distinct and recognizable phases. Each of these phases requires different tactics, strategies and people.

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