Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall


Kate Kendall is the co-founder and CEO of CloudPeeps – a newly-launched marketplace that connects businesses with remote community managers. Kate also founded The Fetch – a guide where professionals share and discover what’s happening in their city. Created in Melbourne in mid-2011, The Fetch is now in 10 cities around the globe and growing with applications to curate new regions received weekly. Kate was born in England, moved to Australia aged 10 and now lives in New York. Before following her entrepreneurial drive, she started out as a business journalist and editor. She was also digital director of a niche magazine publishing company looking after development, product and growth. She’s held other roles in media, travel and startup companies, and regularly helps businesses understand the role of community (management, building, outreach and strategy) through her Skillshare and General Assembly classes. She also recently helped Stripe launch in Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne in biotechnology and microbiology, and Masters of Business (Marketing) at RMIT University with a thesis on social media strategy. She is a blue-tick verified Twitter user.

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