Jenni Olson (she/her/TBD) is Senior Director of the Social Media Safety program at national LGBTQ media advocacy organization, GLAAD. A leading voice in the field of social media platform accountability, Jenni leads GLAAD’s work advocating for solutions in numerous realms: online hate and harassment, AI bias, polarizing algorithms, data privacy, and more — working every day to hold tech companies accountable and to secure safe online spaces for LGBTQ people. GLAAD’s 2021 inaugural Social Media Safety Index (SMSI) report surveyed the landscape of leading social media platforms and determined that the entire sector is effectively unsafe for LGBTQ users. The 2022 edition of the SMSI, due out in late June, will issue numeric ratings to demonstrate which companies prioritize LGBTQ safety. Jenni has worked in LGBTQ media and tech for decades and is best known as a co-founder of, the first major LGBTQ community website, created by a small team of tech pioneers in 1995. She is also an acclaimed filmmaker, LGBTQ film historian, and archivist. Amongst her many honors and achievements, she was named in 2020 to the Out Magazine Out 100 list for her contributions to LGBTQ culture and community, and in 2021 was awarded the prestigious Teddy Award by the Berlin Film Festival. She is also the proud proprietor of

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