Jenn Green

Jenn Green

VP of App Development
Big Nerd Ranch

Jenn Green is an experienced technology leader who has built and run dynamic teams in her 15 year career spanning industries, platforms, and languages. She thrives on seemingly unsolvable challenges, finding ways to close deals that were un-winnable, delight clients, and guide projects around unsurmountable obstacles. She currently serves as Vice President of App Development at Big Nerd Ranch, where the brightest designers and developers in the industry specialize in industry-leading books on several programming languages and platforms, consulting app development, and immersive bootcamps. The combined services of Big Nerd Ranch’s books, courses, and leading application development capabilities have helped thousands of developers become better, stronger Nerds, while also helping clients grow their businesses and engage customers.

In the beginning, Jenn discovered her passion for tech as an instructional technology coordinator for a rural public school system in Georgia. She has since worked as a project, product, program, and operations manager, so her status as proud “Nerd of All Trades” shapes her approach to leading her business development and project strategy teams. In fact, Jenn’s perspective on tech leadership comes from having worked her way up through so many cross-functional roles, giving her intimate knowledge of the hard work it takes every day to make technology projects successful.

At the core of everything she does lies empathy and a philosophy of collaborative, continuous learning. Jenn combines a fierce determination to deliver serious results while always encouraging curiosity and creativity. Her imaginative side comes out in her dapper clothes, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rupert (drag name: Rupeesha Booberry), and the quest to find the best fried chicken in Atlanta. If you see Jenn around the Summit, make sure to ask her about U.S. Women’s National Team soccer, and if you’re craving bourbon, you’ve got a guaranteed drinking buddy.

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