Jen has spent the last 20 years working in the legal industry for both Technology companies and Consulting firms. She has worked for such companies as Stratify, Navigant Consulting, Thomson Reuters, and Integreon. While at Navigant Consulting, as the head of sales, she was exposed and learned about Data Breach Incident Response investigations.

Her experience in data breach started by working closely with forensic teams that did the investigations. The forensic investigation group at Navigant focused primarily on FCPA investigations, formal investigations, and Data Breach. In 2013 she worked with a team of investigators on one of the largest crime lab scandals in this country, involving over 60TB of compromised data.

After leaving Navigant, she moved on to Integreon, where former colleagues approached her about helping to create a solution for their review needs for incident response. She worked with the team at Integreon to help build out their current review teams and then later did the same thing at UnitedLex.

Jen’s experience led her to want to do her own thing and develop a company based around the needs related to Data Breach Incident Response, working with clients to establish a review strategy that gets done efficiently and effectively.

Summits Attended: 2021 Debug

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