This Here

Jemima is the founder and CEO of This Here, the creative influencer marketing agency that partners with the Internet’s most loved ones and tell stories that make people feel something – whether it’s joy, rebellion, or the urge to dance. Based in East London and with a team across Europe, their unique methods of hand-crafted multi-lingual influencer campaigns achieve Cost Per Engagements that are 7 x lower than the industry standard, and their ethical approach avoids working with influencers who are manipulating their follower counts and engagement rates.

Alongside This Here, Jemima founded a sustainable social enterprise that is using the internet to revolutionise Britain’s Forestry sector. Launching later this year from the platform will enable every day individuals to buy timber from UK woodlands, rather than choosing the carbon costly imports on the shelves of DIY retailers, predominantly imported from places like Brazil and China where illegal forestry is rife.

You can find Jemima on Twitter at @_Jemima, and Instagram and @onethingwell.

Summits Attended: 2018 London

Diverse representation is a priority for us. We're proud to say that our Summit speakers are 80% queer women, 50% women of color, 25% Black & Latinx, and 15% transgender and gender nonconforming.