While Jackie has spent much of career at two leading companies in technology, Netflix and Google, she started with humble beginnings as a daughter of Vietnamese refugees. She put herself through college at San Diego State with help from her first job in tech at the local Apple Store. It was there that she saw how integral and personal technology is to each person.

After graduating, Jackie went on to develop social media and content marketing for a startup in Venice Beach that pioneered a platform for brands to text mobile videos to their audiences. While that company was being acquired, EA Games tapped Jackie to focus on product marketing and launching popular games such as Sims, Monopoly, and Tetris Blitz on mobile and emerging devices. It was at EA that she developed partnerships with Google, Microsoft and household brands such as Hasbro.

When Netflix was still delivering DVDs and had just released their first major Original series, House of Cards, Jackie joined to help start their partner marketing team. Her tenure was an incredible 6 years of growth, spent launching Netflix globally. Jackie built the creative partnerships team in the US, Europe, then moved across the world to help open the office in Asia.

She is currently at Google in San Francisco, leading brand partnerships for core products such as Google Search and Maps.

Summits Attended: 2022 Pride

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