Gonda Lamberink

Gonda Lamberink

Senior Business Development Manager
Underwriters Laboratories

Gonda is an experienced Senior Business Development Manager, and currently in UL’s Consumer Technology (CTECH) division. Gonda focuses on cybersecurity service development for Consumer IoT (Internet of Things) segments, such as the smart home, for UL CTECH customers globally.

Gonda is responsible for strategy setting, program and service development, sales, and marketing activities. Prior to joining CTECH and developing a focus on Consumer IoT security, Gonda was active in UL’s Transaction Security (TS) division working on (mobile) payment security.

Gonda prior to joining UL worked as an M&A strategy consultant with PwC Transaction Services in Amsterdam and as an economist with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Gonda has an educational background in Economics and in Law.

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