Frankie Nicoletti

Senior Software Engineer
Upside Business Travel

I am a Jack of All Trades and Master of Some. I made the first database for the marketing dept at a non-profit in 2000, after assuring all the grownups that the world wouldn’t explode after Y2K. I graduated college on the Van Wilder track with over 150 credits across 5 majors. On paper, I have a BS in Accounting, but in reality I have a BS and a Masters in A Wide Variety of Stuff. I was an accountant for 8 years (and a part-time karaoke DJ for 2) before I became an engineer. I took a sabbatical, renovated a Katrina house in New Orleans, and went to a coding bootcamp to complete my career transition. I worked in San Francisco, then I took a job at a fully-remote lean startup (and built them an accounting system as life comes full circle), now I work at a DC travel startup. I’m a 200RYT yoga teacher and a hackathon fanatic. I am really interested in emotional intelligence, design thinking, and fascia rolling. East Coasters, come say hi!