Erica Ehrhardt has been writing software for ten years and still thinks it’s fun. As part of Thumbtack’s iOS engineering team, she’s working on mobile apps to bring customers together with local service professionals; before that, she spent several years building and maintaining the big data platform and associated tools supporting Thumbtack’s experimentation capability marketplace matching and safety algorithms. As an experienced engineer, she’s always looking for ways to make writing and using software friendlier to engineers and end users alike.

Before coming to Thumbtack, Erica narrowly escaped Caltech with a CS degree, began her career at Microsoft as an Office developer, then joined KIXEYE to build internal tooling and APIs for massively multiplayer strategy games. She has released or contributed to several open-source projects, including Thumbtack’s Becquerel OData gateway server, and spoken at GDC. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, camping, video games, and the company of her two cats.

Summits Attended: 2019 SF

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