Emily is an experimental physicist turned data scientist after a stopover in hardware experimentation development. She earned her PhD in physics from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2012 and joined IBM Research where she authored peer reviewed publications, created patents, and was invited to speak on topics of non-destructive reliability determination methodologies, automated ontology building, learning personalization, data science for social good, and machine learning in healthcare and privacy.

Emily came to Grubhub in 2018 doing natural language processing and search recommendations. She has been leading a team of talented machine learning and data engineers to create a personalized search algorithm that learns diner preferences while balancing business objectives drawing on deep next item models, learn to rank techniques, query expansions, weak supervision, and creative uses for the 2vec architecture.

Emily is currently a leadership member of one of Grubhub’s ERGs and an active DataKind volunteer. She has been a proud mentor of IBM’s P-TECH high school students and a sometimes performer with the Royal Hanneford Circus.

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