Dulce Villarreal

Dulce Villarreal

Data Scientist and Blockchain developer
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Dulce Villarreal has more than ten years’ experience in the banking industry. She has worked at Citibank, BBVA, Banco Compartamos, a top microlending bank, on different roles as Data Scientist, Project Manager, Business Developer Manager and International Leader in Latam.
In 2015, she segued into Technology and Startups focusing on Blockchain. Since 2016, she has been working remotely for American startups while pursuing her love of travel throughout the United States and Mexico.

Currently, she is the City Director of LWT in Mexico City. She works remotely as a blockchain developer at Genobank to make possible to store your genomic and health data. Her personal project is to develop a blockchain platform to empower refugees and migrants.

Dulce holds a BS in Economics with a specialization in Mathematics and Public Economics, at UNAM, where she was the adjunct professor of Public Policy and Fiscal Policy in 2008 and 2009.

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