Dina Caraballo is a mother, music lover, and software engineer in that order.

Her career in tech spans large and small companies alike and she is currently a software engineer at Medallia, a CX company specializing in the understanding and management of experience for customers, employees and citizens.

Dina has enjoyed several career paths before taking the leap into tech. As an award winning, forever teacher turned software engineer, Dina has used her passion for education as a coach, instructor, and mentor in the tech industry helping to influence the next generation of engineers. In addition, her passion for social justice has enabled her to help create more inclusive and diverse tech spaces for future generations.

Though Dina has enjoyed her work with Medallia, admittedly, her job as a mother to one teenage human and 2 teenage dogs, keeps her busy outside of work. She is happiest when she is traveling the world, attending a live concert, or enjoying the natural beauty of her native Colorado with her partner Juan and their family.

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