Christine Chapman

Christine Chapman

Software Engineer
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Christine Chapman works as a Software Engineer at Audible in Boston, currently working on the Amazon Alexa experience. She founded Amazon Women in Engineering Boston in 2014 and continues to work on diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the Boston office.

She also serves as the Programs Director for Uplift, the nonprofit dedicated to combatting sexual violence in online communities through education and advocacy. At Uplift she works with event organizers to design inclusive polices that support survivors and ensure attendees are safe. She also leads Uplift’s technical projects including the chrome extension that filters out harassing messages, and has participated in many Hackathons on behalf of Uplift. Through Hackathons, Uplift encourages attendees to use technology to promote healthy online spaces and support survivors.

Christine graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Brown University. Outside of Uplift and Audible, she enjoys teaching coding classes with Girl Develop It and writing about diversity in tech on medium (@christinechapman).

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