Chris Dolendo

Chris Dolendo

Software Engineer

Chris Dolendo is a maker, musician, and shaman. She has made it her lifelong mission to leverage technology, art, and spirituality to make our world the truest expression of compassion, connection and freedom.

Christine engineered the product for — an e-commerce embedded application at the point-of-sale that seamlessly marries commerce and charity. Through her work at Sparo, she became the co-inventor of four tech patents including “Automated Online Allocation of Donations,” & “Automated Online Calendar-Based Donations.” She was the founding engineer of, which makes sustainable, cruelty-free eating convenient and affordable. Christine currently works at Exygy, a B corp tech firm that works on social impact, mission-aligned projects, where she brings her engineering chops and agile values to deliver excellent software for changemakers.

When she’s not writing code, she’s either making music, or guiding souls in the spirit realm through sacred indigenous ceremonies. Sometimes doing both at the same time.

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