Champika Fernando

Champika Fernando

Product Manager
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Champika (@champika_f) is a troublemaker who strives to bend and break norms in computing culture. She leads a team at Google designing and building creative tools for kids. In 2015 she helped to conceive and launch I/O Youth – a program that invites Bay Area students to design, build, and share at Google’s annual developer conference. She advises on Google’s CS education efforts like the Made with Code project – an initiative to inspire more girls go try coding.

Formerly part of the Scratch team at the MIT Media Lab where she helped to design and develop the Scratch programming language and online community. Today, millions of kids from around the world create, share, and remix interactive stories, animations, and games through Scratch.

Champika holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and a Masters in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT media Lab.

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