Executive Vice President
State Street

Caroline Arnold heads Data Platform Services at Bank of America, providing large-scale enterprise data platforms, transformation services, analytics, visualization,and data science capabilities to enable business value creation. Caroline previously managed the bank’s Enterprise Technology practice, supporting Legal, Audit, Human Resources, Client Services, Corporate Affairs Resiliency, Technology Business Platforms, and the Chief Administrative Office 2017-2019.

Caroline joined Bank of America in 2017 from Goldman Sachs where she led Global Compliance, Business Conflicts, Legal & Audit; Enterprise Design & Global Efficiencies (EDGE); and GS Profiles development teams.  Notable achievements during Caroline’s four years at Goldman include applying machine learning techniques to improve the accuracy and productivity of Compliance practice;  building advanced big data visualization tools for investigating market activity/client behavior; creating a firm-wide profitability-on-demand system; and building a client profiling system to extract organization, people, and relationship data from ecommunications to advance firm-wide client intelligence and sales activities.

Prior to her tenure at Goldman Sachs, Caroline spent seventeen years at Morgan Stanley where she led teams supporting Securities Sales & Management, Research, Capital Markets, Investment Banking, and firm-wide CRM and client intelligence.  Caroline was a recipient of the Wall Street Innovation award for building the Google IPO auction system (patent), which enabled direct participation of investors in Google’s landmark offering.  Before the era of big data and analytics, the Google IPO Auction system had capacity to process a billion bids and produce real-time allocation optimization scenarios. Caroline and her team also built Morgan Stanley’s Client Information System (CIS), a firm-wide CRM, client intelligence, and profitability platform driving sales and marketing activities across all lines of business.

Caroline graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in English Literature with a concentration in Economics.  She is the author of Small Move, Big Change (Viking/Penguin, 2014), a book about the transforming power of marginal behavioral change.

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